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The Video Chief is back with a vengeance in the form of Video Chief 2.0. This version is packed with great features and great additions to your favorite video marketing creator.
The first version came with 600+ video marketing templates, each one aimed at making great marketing videos for your company. They also come with video scripts, voiceovers, and other templates that you can use to make your videos more interesting.
Video Chief 2.0

About the Author

Joshua Zamora is the genius behind the Video Chief 2.0. He wants to revolutionize the video making industry and the marketing industry by creating an avenue where video makers can let loose and have fun creating different videos using his tried and tested templates. He wants to make video creation easy and affordable for everyone. He made the Video Chief 2.0 to help amateur video makers earn a profit too. Join Joshua on Facebook and find out more about his amazing product.

How Video Chief 2.0 Works

Video Chief 2.0
The Video Chief Version 2.0 will have the same great features as the first version, but is beefed up with the addition of 200 more new templates. These new templates will spice up all your marketing videos and make them better than ever. It comes with a mix of great voiceover scripts and video script templates. The makers of Video Chief 2.0 use the same familiar video making process for your marketing campaigns so you don’t have to worry about learning about new processes all the time.
Video Chief 2.0
The additional 200 templates allow you to create Hollywood style video marketing campaigns at a fraction of the cost. Other video making software are priced over $100 and do not have even half the capabilities of the Video Chief 2.0. With this product, you will have professional looking videos for less than the price of a flat screen TV. This will bring you more customers, help sell your products, and give you more than 100% in profits.
Video Chief 2.0
The Video Chief 2.0 has over 150 script templates available. The script templates allow you to customize your videos the way you want. You can add your own spin on the templates to make them uniquely yours. You don’t have to spending too much time and effort to create your script. You can use the template and start creating your videos right away. There is no need to hire a copywriter or an expert content creator to make your script. The script templates in Video Chief 2.0 are made easy to use and add to your video.
Video Chief 2.0
The new version also comes with 10 different niches to help you find which one that perfectly fits your product. Other similar video making software only have less than 5 niches that do not give you enough options to accurately classify your product. With Video Chief 2.0, you can even customize your visuals with just one click of a button. You’ll also get access to over 350 ready-made videos that you can use immediately. You can easily rank your product and create new leads and affiliate niches.

If you plan on creating a training video for your customers and potential customers, Video Chief 2.0 has over 50 course templates that you can use. These course templates look professional and will fit any kind of tutorial you want to create. You can also use done-for-you courses and use them to either sell or upsell to your clients.

Creating a video is very easy. Simply log in, follow the template or customize it using the voiceovers and different scripts, and you’re good to go. You can sell your video to various clients and earn a profit. It’s that easy.


A Breakdown of the Different Features


Clear Picture Quality

Video Chief 2.0
One of the most important things about creating a marketing video is that it has to be crisp, sharp, and perfectly clear. When you use the Video Chief 2.0, you can get video and audio tracks that come in Full HD format. That’s 1080 HD quality. The videos you will create will look great on any viewing platform, from handheld devices to huge flat screen TVs and computer monitors. The sound quality and video quality will remain the same no matter what platform the video is viewed from.

Fully Customizable Videos

Many other video making software have limitations in video editing that make the video look like a lot of other videos available online. Video Chief 2.0 is fully customizable video making software that allows you to create unique videos for your marketing campaigns. Use the ready-made full videos as they are or customize them using the voice over template and script to make them truly yours. This is the perfect way to regularly churn out new content that your customers are more likely to respond to.
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Value Added Bonuses

You’d think that the list of Video Chief 2.0 features is complete after all those great features above, but it’s not. As a special bonus for the launch, they are offering three Fast Action Bonuses for you. The first of the three is The Secrets of the $500/month Man. This bonus features an inspiring interview with a man who makes $500 per month through his marketing agency. He’s going to show you some amazing sales training that can help translate your leads to sales.
Video Chief 2.0
The second bonus is the Client Signup and Proposal Contracts. This bonus makes it easy for you to know about the kind of contracts that will get your clients to sign up. A good contract such as the ones contained in this bonus will make your company look more professional and trustworthy.
Video Chief 2.0
The third bonus will help you find clients that you can sell your videos to. You’ll get three proven processes of getting clients to buy your videos and increase your earning potential.
Video Chief 2.0
These bonuses will only be available during the launch. They will revert back to regular pricing after the launch is over. Avail of these amazing freebies now and secure your spot at the launch.

Why You Need It

Video Chief 2.0
The earning potential of this software is 100 times more than the price you will pay to use it. You can profit as much as $1000 per video if your video is highly in demand. That’s easy money for little effort. The price you pay for becoming a member will come back to you tenfold. Keep creating videos and you can get even more profit per video.


Your success depends on how great your videos look like and how many people you can sell it to. Create incredible videos using the Video Chief 2.0 and get continues profit for your videos. Create unique and one of a kind videos with the customizable properties of the Video Chief 2.0 or download the built in videos as is. You’ll get profits no matter which method you choose. Sign up and earn great money making online videos with Video Chief 2.0.



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