REVIEWS PRODUCT BEST CHOICE FOR YOU! Wed, 14 Jun 2017 07:43:47 +0000 en-US hourly 1 IDM 6.28 build 12 Repack Silent Wed, 14 Jun 2017 07:37:55 +0000 Internet Download Manager (IDM) is a tool to increase download speeds by up to 5 times, resume and schedule downloads. Comprehensive error recovery and resume capability will restart broken or interrupted downloads due to lost connections, network problems, computer shutdowns, or unexpected power outages.

IDM integrates seamlessly into Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Avant Browser, and all other popular browsers to automatically handle your downloads. You can also drag and drop files, or use Internet Download Manager from command line. The program supports proxy servers, ftp and http protocols, firewalls, redirects, cookies, authorization, MP3 audio and MPEG video content processing.

What’s new in version 6.28 Build 12:

Fixed critical bugs in IDM executable file and in browser integration modules

IDM 6.28 Build 12

Download: Here 

Build My Store – Rank Your Ecommerce & Shopify Store Fast Sat, 08 Apr 2017 02:53:58 +0000
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Build My Store

You have a product you know people would recognize as something they’d use or want. It’s a truly great product, and you want it to be available for everyone. Since the internet is all the rage nowadays, you turn to eCommerce. You’re mighty proud because finally, you’ve set up an account at Shopify and you’re over-the-top excited because a product as useful as yours is sure to generate sales like crazy. So you wait, and wait some more, but nothing happens. Some people place orders, but the meager amount coming in just isn’t enough for a return of your investment. You get discouraged and think: “I’d have to pay thousands of dollars like those big online businesses out there just to make my product known. I have to stop this.”

You get back to your boring desk job and just like that, you let the possibility of earning thousands or even millions of dollars pass you by.

The truth is that you’re not the only one who quit prematurely. If only there were training or courses out there to help you get through the nitty-gritty of eCommerce.

Enter Austin Anthony and Devin Fara. These two friends turned their own lives around by learning new tricks of the trade and maximizing the power of the internet to generate a record number of sales for their online businesses in just months. They’re real people dealing with real problems whose only goal was to find a solution to their financial worries.

Austin was only a shop assistant after all, and Devin Fara, a waiter in debt. Their shared desperation for a better life led them to a pinnacle of success they never would have expected. Channeling their efforts on eCommerce, they brainstormed, researched, let go of outdated information, and talked with the different people behind big online stores who were winning it. Soon enough, Austin garnered 1.5 million dollars from his online stores in 6 months, and Devin over 200,000 dollars in just 3 months. As soon as they realized that the test they put themselves into were effective even in the long run, the decision to share the secret with others was made. Confident and fully equipped with the knowledge, they collated everything and put it one comprehensive tool and named it Build My Store.

Build My Store

In a nutshell, Build My Store is a training course with a wealth of new information on how to be successful with your online business. For a tiny investment, you are given a video training course with 32 modules. These secrets are exclusively shared within a circle of top business executives and should there be any offer for the public to know about it, the cost would not be less than $500. Austin and Devin wanted such secrets to be available for anyone dead serious about setting up a successful business online. How Build My Store works is by giving you an organized and systematic approach of building your online business from setting up a Shopify account to wisely marketing your product online. Apart from revenue, customer satisfaction is also a top priority.

Build My Store

Learning eCommerce the Build My Store way gives you the ultimate advantage because it doesn’t require you to have experience, complex computer skills, and most importantly, no hefty capital needed. You just need to make a small $37 dollar investment and you get the uniquely effective strategy that generates the online store income of your dreams. It teaches you in an engaging and simple manner how to use Facebook Ads smartly, and have your online store be listed in Google‘s first page every time. It enables you to earn money continuously without having to act on it all the time. It also walks you through setting up a Shopify account, maneuver your way smoothly through the site, and clicking on the right settings for you to truly get it BIG on Shopify.


Austin and Devin also explain why Shopify is the best platform to boost sales. With the integration of smartly used Facebook Ads, an eye catching Shopify account, and SEO, your product’s online presence is bound to be noticed by millions of possible buying clients worldwide. Furthermore, Build My Store has a comprehensive list of wholesale and drop-shipping sources so you save hours on contacting and looking for trusted wholesalers yourself. Even the way you communicate with your audience is covered, utilizing the help of an expert copyright, you have an abundant list of emails and sales copies you can use to captivate your customers and lead them to buy your product with confidence. Build My Store promises to give you fresh, updated knowledge from credible sources. You are assured that nothing is outdated, and everything backed up by research and statistics. Many of those hopefuls who have jumped in faith to the strategies taught in this online course have already tasted success. You have the opportunity to experience this dream too.

Build My Store


If you have belief in the product that you’re trying to sell online and know for a fact that it can benefit a lot of people, do not pass up the opportunity to learn from Build My Store. It’s not enough to trust a product and hope that people would take notice. Even the most innovative, breakthrough product becomes nothing without an effective marketing plan. Don’t go wasting your resources to get paid ad, after paid ad, while you’re still blind and uninformed. If you’re serious about getting your product its own strong online presence, then Build my store is for you.

As for every undertaking, success won’t come overnight. Austin and Devin didn’t have it easy for them at first. It won’t be easy for you too. You will have setbacks, you will stumble along the way and you will have to work hard. Thanks to Build My Store, the job is half done for you.  What is left to complete the equation of success are determination, perseverance, willingness to learn, and faith in your product.


Builderall Review – The Most Complete Internet Marketing, Funnel Automation, & Web Design Fri, 07 Apr 2017 08:45:29 +0000
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Builderall Review

Builderall is the one-stop solution to everything you need online. Builderall aims to be the leading online solutions provider, with a wide-ranging offering on digital solutions. Whether it is for your business, personal blog or even e-commerce site, we have the answer in improving your digital marketing campaigns. It also provides an opportunities for marketing affiliates to earn extra income, through a commission based system.

About Builderall

Builderall – The Most Complete Internet Marketing, Funnel Automation, & Web Design Platform In The World

Builderall Review

Builderall understands how clients want to outmaneuver its competitors and ramp up brand awareness. In line with this, Builderall created a platform where sellers, buyers, bloggers and even businesses can showcase their products or services at ease. It is a platform that allows a mutually beneficial relationship between the client and the affiliate through a pay per click system and a quantifiable result.

How does Builderall work?

Builderall Review


On the platform, clients get to choose the services they deem fit for their operations. The platform allows an easy building of any web page, website or blog with over one thousand templates available. Moreover, the team behind Builderall is equipped with knowledge and expertise on boosting online presence, hiking sales performance and a quantity-driven improvement.

Moreover, Builderall also provides a platform for marketing affiliates. It is a commission-based marketing system that offers incentives for every click and sales conversion contributed by the member.

What is in store for clients who get Builderall services?

Builderall is a very versatile, non-WordPress platform for brands and businesses. Here are 10 of its key features that will revolutionize web based marketing.

Web Development Services

Builderall Review

Whether you need an instant website, or a well-designed space to put your words and creations into, Builderall has got it all for you. It provides ready-to-use site templates, and also offers a custom-made web designing service for brands and businesses with specific requirements.

Interactive Presentations

Need to pitch to a client? Want to catch the attention of your target market? Builderall has interactive presentations that offer a wide range of multimedia you can use for your presentations so you can sheer away from dull and boring expositions.

Design Studios

Provides an easier way to create and automate designs. It will pave way to a responsive website design that will make your site user-friendly with a good aesthetic feature.

Video Creator

Most internet users nowadays pay more attention to multimedia like images, videos and gifs. To make the most out of your own website, you need to come up with the best video presentations. The team behind Builderall offers a good platform to create and design your own videos.

E-mail Marketing

One of the best ways to ensure that you reach out your target market is through professional e-mail marketing. This works by sending out a pitch in e-mail form done with a responsive email template, with an outbound link to your own brand or site. This ensures that you tap the right market encompassing the right demographics that matches your requirements. Builderall has a built-in list of e-mail recipient management and an auto responder.


Want a drag and drop designer feature? Builderall has it for you! Builderall’s HTML 5 has added features, as compared to the earlier versions. HTML 5 paves way to the ability of a browser to work as an application platform, through CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

Mobile App Creator

To keep your pace on the dynamic online environment, Builderall has provided a mobile app creator compatible with Android and iOS. This would make you more accessible for your clients.

Social media marketing

If you wish to ramp up your presence, social media is the key and has an answer to this. The platform has a Facebook integrations ideal for applications, video posts, leads capture, and auto answer. This will help you reach out to your target market in a real-time manner, without having to monitor and manage your page every minute.

SEO enabled feature

Most people come to search engines to get answers. More often than not, they give attention and focus on the first page rather than clicking on the next couple of pages. With this, search engine optimization can play a vital role in making your brand rise to the top, and survive the tough competition.

Lots of other special features

Builderall Review

Builderall has a white label option if you wish to resell to your clients. It also offers membership websites with unlimited choices available for domains and sub-domains. Above all, it has a 24/7 support for all clients.


Get Builderall

Why you do need ?

Builderall Review

First, this platform would help you boost your brand awareness online. This will eventually translate into higher sales conversion, click through rate and site traffic. More visitors would mean better financial performance which includes revenues and net income.

Builderall’s platform also helps entrepreneurs focus more on the logistics of doing business. They can then opt to leave the technical side of digital marketing to Builderall, whose team of professionals boasts online marketing as its core competency.

Moreover, site owners can consider this as an investment. Putting money on brand campaigns and online digital marketing is a way to get higher returns and earnings.

Most importantly, Builderall helps in building businesses whether it is a start-up or a large company.  It provides a platform that will pave way to a wider reach and scope of audience while tapping the most suitable market based on profiling.


Builderall Review

Builderall is a new, all-encompassing platform that aims to cement its position as the leading web based solutions provider. For businesses who want to ramp up brand awareness without having to understand the basics of HTML and CSS, Builderall is the best choice. With this far-reaching online platform, website owners, online audience and marketing affiliates meet at the most convenient place.


Get Builderall

FunnelScape – The Funnel System That Pulls Traffic, Leads and Sales Thu, 30 Mar 2017 08:43:23 +0000
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FunnelScape Review

FunnelScape Review

In this day and age, social media is a staple need for those who maintain a business and those who have aspirations to launch a business. However, there are some businesses that do not use social media to its full extent, and as such, are losing out on many opportunities to generate income.  There are also those who are aware of such an opportunity, but cannot fully take advantage due to the lack of skills needed to set up effective funnels and to increase their conversion rate.


FunnelScape – the $5000 Funnel System is an efficient, effective and easy to use app that is essentially a drag and drop marketing page builder. It provides custom-made sales and funnel templates through which you can construct landing pages, sales pages, JV pages, webinar pages, and other such marketing pages that you can easily edit without needing any technical skills such as coding and web designing. It can also be accessed with either desktop or mobile devices.

You skip the tedious task of screening through numerous web designers, developers, and copywriters that would otherwise produce a marketing page for you. Basically, This provides you with all the tools you can readily utilize, without the need to struggle through the technical skills required to use them.

About the Author

Ivan Ferro is the founder FerroApps, a company that focuses on improving branding and marketing of other businesses. He studied at Pepperdine University, and is from San Diego, California.

The Workings and Features


FunnelScape Review

Makes it relatively easy to create and launch businesses from scratch because it requires no technical skills whatsoever and provides you with:

  • Pre-made funnels and sales templates – Top sales pages from top product creators were allowed to be taken from the team’s affiliates; those were re-created with their own software, and are numbered among your choices as templates. Those templates feature multiple 6 figure funnels and high converting pages if you avail of their upsells. SqueezeMobi, Todd Gross, Precious, Neil Napier, are some examples of the top product creators from which the selection of templates come from.

FunnelScape Review

  • Efficient and Effective Funnel System – To be successful, businesses need a funnel system that is efficient and effectively captures and captivates the attention of their clients. With the pre-made funnels available, you can create funnels quickly and be safe in the knowledge that they are well designed.

FunnelScape Review

  • Easy to use page builder – The page builder features all the pre-made templates, with the added bonus of the easy to use drag and drop editing. There are also launch-ready graphics and multiple layouts for you to use to further improve your design. You can also insert your logos, mock-ups, and your own branding and marketing graphics easily. No design will look the same, with your own creativity and imagination being the only limits to the image of your marketing page.

FunnelScape Review

  • Availability for both mobile and desktop users to access – Some funnels do not perform properly on different devices. However, that possibility is drastically reduced. With both mobile and desktop users being properly catered to, profits will be maximized.

FunnelScape Review



Ivan Ferro and the FunnelScape team effectively condensed the long process of launching a business through three easy steps.


The first step is to think of an offer so good that it will be certain that your prospective customers cannot ignore it, and will definitely be curious enough to take the time look through it. However, do not make it seem too good, since prospective customers would think your offer too good to be true and would instead be repelled instead of attracted by it.


Design your landing page with your offer as the center of attention. The pre-made templates come with sample offers so that you will have less difficulty thinking how to translate the offer on to the landing page. The sample can also serve as an inspiration for you. Also, make sure that what you present will relate well with your offer. However, as many as there are templates to choose from, their number is still finite. Thus, you need to be truly creative so that you can compete with competitors that also uses.


With a clear picture of your goal in mind, you can do all the steps within 5 minutes of starting. Always check your design for a few mistakes, consider some last minute details, and you are done.

Why do you need it?

FunnelScape Review

Funnel Scape – the $5000 Funnel System – is an excellent way for aspiring entrepreneurs with no technical skills to create their business almost instantaneously. The only thing you need would be a clear picture of what you want to offer and sell, and the business would be as good as launched already. For businesses already in existence, it is an excellent tool to keep up with the times, fully utilize the opportunities in social media, and ensure that your landing page would not only engage the interest of prospective customers, but would also continuously generate traffic and boost leads, conversion rates and sales.

Also, you would be saving a lot of time and resources by just using it instead of painstakingly looking for capable freelancers to do your marketing page for you. Time that could otherwise be spent on strategizing to improve your business would instead be consumed by that long process. Besides, if you are not satisfied with the service provided, FerroApps provides a 100% guarantee that all of your money will be refunded.


FunnelScape Review

It is a proven system with real marketers generating income. It is an excellent system that provides you with design, content, and the final deal. It has a wide variety of uses, and caters to quite a large number of people, considering that not only businessmen can use it, but also anyone who has anything they want to promote, sell, or offer services. It is quite efficient and effective, and most definitely has great use.




ProfitBuilder 2.0 Marketing Page builder for WordPress Fri, 24 Mar 2017 03:01:48 +0000
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ProfitBuilder 2.0 Review:

Is It Another Online Scam?

ProfitBuilder 2.0 Review
Almost every individual around the world wants to create a steady stream of income without having to deal with a demanding boss, stressful commute, and seemingly unending daily tasks. But how do you become successful online? With a proven, high-converting sales funnel and recurring commissions, people can now take advantage of making money at the comfort of their home. So how does it work? Read on and find out how you can become one of the most successful online marketers in this generation.

About the Author

For over 21 years, Sean Donahoe has been working as an online marketer. The products that helped him make millions of dollars include software, information courses, and other online products. He also worked with startups and Fortune 500 companies. Another thing he did is teach more than a hundred thousand entrepreneurs and capitalists from across the globe to help them become successful in online marketing. With all of these, Sean has launched ProfitBuilder along with other products like LeadsFlow Pro, EZPopups, Sellosity, and other ground-breaking software and programs.

How Does It Work

The ProfitBuilder is an ultimate drag-and-drop marketing page planner which has been improved to meet today’s online marketing needs and standards. It’s designed with huge EPCs, proven system, and funnel that people can easily benefit from. In an instant, users can build webinar pages, membership sites, squeeze pages, sales pages, and other essential pages needed in online marketing. During its first launching, it quickly earned more than $850,000 in just two weeks. This time, the ProfitBuilder 2.0 will be launched again to provide more opportunities to people.

Being a million dollar generator in terms of commissions in 2014, this funnel is adding a “recurring element” for every affiliate to help them boost their earnings. How? Please refer to the following methods and see how you can improve your online income this year:

  • Front-end offer – the contains three different packages as well as license levels so that you get the exact tool you need for only $47 to $67.

ProfitBuilder 2.0 Review

  • Upsell 1 – this is a Template Club with the latest high-converting templates. Every month, new templates are released to guarantee results and you only have to pay $19.

ProfitBuilder 2.0

  • Upsell 2 – when you get this, you’ll enjoy the LeadsFlow Pro with lead generation, integration, and business CRM features.

ProfitBuilder 2.0

  • Upsell 3 – for only $297, you’ll take advantage of the ProfitBuilder Masterclass. This is a 6-week traffic, conversion, and funnel training that comes with the ProfitBuilder package.

 ProfitBuilder 2.0

  • Exit offer – this is the free masterclass that includes a 3-part masterclass to present the benefits while recovering lost leads.

Remember that all parts of this funnel are optimized for highest conversions. The most trusted copywriters available today wrote the sales copy for ProfitBuilder. There’s no reason why you should not try this platform for your online marketing needs. Don’t forget to promote the upcoming product launch so that you’ll get a chance to increase your commissions early on.




ProfitBuilder 2.0

With rapid funnel builder, you can easily and quickly make high-powered funnels targeted to generate leads, sales, and other important factors. The dynamic split-testing system is designed for maximizing funnel and page conversions through adaptive and intelligent split testing features.

Another advantage is the conversion tracking system that tracks profits, campaign success, and conversion for better marketing techniques. The revised FreeFlow UI will give you the power to enjoy more flexible and intuitive user interface. Other features include new revision system, smart speed booster, more than a hundred optimized templates, mobile-first philosophy, enhanced ecommerce support, and a lot more.

As an addition, here are the other advantages:

  • More than 150,000 sites are using
  • $16,000 worth of JV prizes and daily’s
  • For most sales, top prize is at $5,000
  • Commissions and sales can reach up to $290
  • Established funnel and easy to use system
  • Up to millions of dollars of sales to be generated
  • Most innovative and powerful features to take advantage of
  • Designed for all online marketers

ProfitBuilder 2.0

Why Should You Need It

Sean and his team are committed to providing what their partners exactly need. Also, they actively communicate with them to help satisfy their current requirements. This upcoming product launch, it aims to give them better opportunities online. It’s another huge development that Sean has recently made in terms of proven profit-building system.

For those who also want to succeed online and gain more profit, this is the ultimate solution this 2017. There are the prizes to be won including the $16,000 prize pool and the following:

Top Prize – $5,000 and winning bragging rights plus two reciprocal mailings

2nd Prize – $2,000 and bragging rights plus one reciprocal mailing

3rd Prize – $1,000 and bragging rights plus one reciprocal mailing

4th Prize – $750

5th Prize – $500

6th Prize – $250


You can also win the 24-hour door buster prize with $1,000 in cash. The best part is that, you can create up to $290 worth of sales just by using this killer platform. You don’t need a lot of different programs to succeed in online marketing. The package includes everything you need to become one of the most profitable entrepreneurs online today. So what are you waiting for? Get one now and discover how to make steady income online.

So, What EXACTLY Is NEW & Improved With ProfitBuilder 2.0?
ProfitBuilder 2.0


The prelaunch date is on March 20, 2017. Front-end price is from $67 to $197 with 50% commission. Their affiliate network is JVZoo and you can check out their page here. You can get everything you need to start your own online career with ProfitBuilder including affiliate links, resources, and swipes. Plus, you’ll enjoy higher conversion rate currently at 18.18% while EPC is $10.54.

All you need to do is to support the product launching of this hottest ProfitBuilder 2.0 version. Cart opening will start on March 28, 2017 that will last for 7 days. Obviously, this is highly recommended if you want to profit from online products and services. Lastly, this is not a scam.


ProfitBuilder 2.0

Video Chief 2.0 Review – The Next Generation of Video Creation Wed, 22 Mar 2017 00:35:47 +0000
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The Video Chief is back with a vengeance in the form of Video Chief 2.0. This version is packed with great features and great additions to your favorite video marketing creator.
The first version came with 600+ video marketing templates, each one aimed at making great marketing videos for your company. They also come with video scripts, voiceovers, and other templates that you can use to make your videos more interesting.
Video Chief 2.0

About the Author

Joshua Zamora is the genius behind the Video Chief 2.0. He wants to revolutionize the video making industry and the marketing industry by creating an avenue where video makers can let loose and have fun creating different videos using his tried and tested templates. He wants to make video creation easy and affordable for everyone. He made the Video Chief 2.0 to help amateur video makers earn a profit too. Join Joshua on Facebook and find out more about his amazing product.

How Video Chief 2.0 Works

Video Chief 2.0
The Video Chief Version 2.0 will have the same great features as the first version, but is beefed up with the addition of 200 more new templates. These new templates will spice up all your marketing videos and make them better than ever. It comes with a mix of great voiceover scripts and video script templates. The makers of Video Chief 2.0 use the same familiar video making process for your marketing campaigns so you don’t have to worry about learning about new processes all the time.
Video Chief 2.0
The additional 200 templates allow you to create Hollywood style video marketing campaigns at a fraction of the cost. Other video making software are priced over $100 and do not have even half the capabilities of the Video Chief 2.0. With this product, you will have professional looking videos for less than the price of a flat screen TV. This will bring you more customers, help sell your products, and give you more than 100% in profits.
Video Chief 2.0
The Video Chief 2.0 has over 150 script templates available. The script templates allow you to customize your videos the way you want. You can add your own spin on the templates to make them uniquely yours. You don’t have to spending too much time and effort to create your script. You can use the template and start creating your videos right away. There is no need to hire a copywriter or an expert content creator to make your script. The script templates in Video Chief 2.0 are made easy to use and add to your video.
Video Chief 2.0
The new version also comes with 10 different niches to help you find which one that perfectly fits your product. Other similar video making software only have less than 5 niches that do not give you enough options to accurately classify your product. With Video Chief 2.0, you can even customize your visuals with just one click of a button. You’ll also get access to over 350 ready-made videos that you can use immediately. You can easily rank your product and create new leads and affiliate niches.

If you plan on creating a training video for your customers and potential customers, Video Chief 2.0 has over 50 course templates that you can use. These course templates look professional and will fit any kind of tutorial you want to create. You can also use done-for-you courses and use them to either sell or upsell to your clients.

Creating a video is very easy. Simply log in, follow the template or customize it using the voiceovers and different scripts, and you’re good to go. You can sell your video to various clients and earn a profit. It’s that easy.


A Breakdown of the Different Features


Clear Picture Quality

Video Chief 2.0
One of the most important things about creating a marketing video is that it has to be crisp, sharp, and perfectly clear. When you use the Video Chief 2.0, you can get video and audio tracks that come in Full HD format. That’s 1080 HD quality. The videos you will create will look great on any viewing platform, from handheld devices to huge flat screen TVs and computer monitors. The sound quality and video quality will remain the same no matter what platform the video is viewed from.

Fully Customizable Videos

Many other video making software have limitations in video editing that make the video look like a lot of other videos available online. Video Chief 2.0 is fully customizable video making software that allows you to create unique videos for your marketing campaigns. Use the ready-made full videos as they are or customize them using the voice over template and script to make them truly yours. This is the perfect way to regularly churn out new content that your customers are more likely to respond to.
Get Video Chief 2.0

Value Added Bonuses

You’d think that the list of Video Chief 2.0 features is complete after all those great features above, but it’s not. As a special bonus for the launch, they are offering three Fast Action Bonuses for you. The first of the three is The Secrets of the $500/month Man. This bonus features an inspiring interview with a man who makes $500 per month through his marketing agency. He’s going to show you some amazing sales training that can help translate your leads to sales.
Video Chief 2.0
The second bonus is the Client Signup and Proposal Contracts. This bonus makes it easy for you to know about the kind of contracts that will get your clients to sign up. A good contract such as the ones contained in this bonus will make your company look more professional and trustworthy.
Video Chief 2.0
The third bonus will help you find clients that you can sell your videos to. You’ll get three proven processes of getting clients to buy your videos and increase your earning potential.
Video Chief 2.0
These bonuses will only be available during the launch. They will revert back to regular pricing after the launch is over. Avail of these amazing freebies now and secure your spot at the launch.

Why You Need It

Video Chief 2.0
The earning potential of this software is 100 times more than the price you will pay to use it. You can profit as much as $1000 per video if your video is highly in demand. That’s easy money for little effort. The price you pay for becoming a member will come back to you tenfold. Keep creating videos and you can get even more profit per video.


Your success depends on how great your videos look like and how many people you can sell it to. Create incredible videos using the Video Chief 2.0 and get continues profit for your videos. Create unique and one of a kind videos with the customizable properties of the Video Chief 2.0 or download the built in videos as is. You’ll get profits no matter which method you choose. Sign up and earn great money making online videos with Video Chief 2.0.



GET Video Chief 2.0

Instamate Luxury Edition 2017 Fri, 10 Mar 2017 13:26:47 +0000

Enjoy Instant Instagram Success with Instamate Luxury Edition 2017

    Social media marketing has become an effective means to target consumers online. Because the new-age market is always online all the time, it is only right for marketers to engage them using platforms that they regularly use. However, most marketers find that marketing via social media platforms is not as easy as it looks. In addition to the challenge of gaining followers, you also need to post interesting content that will grow your brand. For all its gains, social media marketing presents more than a handful challenges; and most marketers do not know how they can surpass these challenges in order to maximize their efforts.

    Here comes Instamate Luxury Edition 2017. At first glance, it seems like it is just like any other tool that promises to automize and maximize your Instagram marketing efforts. Take a closer look, however, and you will see how this product is different from the rest. Instamate Luxury Edition is a higher-level tool. It also comes with tons of features that its competitors also lack, thereby offering you an easier and more effective way to market via Instagram.

Meet Luke Maguire

    Luke Maguire, the creator and owner of Instamate, is a social media marketing powerhouse. While some people would think of him as a newbie, his million-dollar success cannot be denied. He runs one of Australia’s fastest-growing social media companies. He also works with the top social media platforms using his capacity to craft software solutions that help automate tasks and make overall user interaction easier.

    In addition to the Instamate franchise, he is also the owner of LiveLeap, a Facebook Live syndication too that boost viewership of Facebook livestreams, and Instaeasy, which is an Instagram automation tool that makes 24-hour engagement possible.

    He develops tools that frees entrepreneurs’ minds to focus more on running their businesses, as opposed to pulling their hair out as they mount social media marketing efforts. The latest of his ventures, Instamate Luxury Edition, promises to do that, and so much more.

Instamate Luxury Edition 2017: How it Works

    The latest version of Instamate is loaded with amazing features that help users automate necessary tasks for Instagram marketing. In a nutshell, it is a powerful Instagram marketing tool that empowers users to find, upload, schedule, and engage with customers using the viral content that makes it easier to monetize consumer engagement. All of these tasks are done on autopilot, therefore, leaving you with more time to focus on other pressing tasks and business matters. Even better, the process operates around the clock, ensuring that users are able to make the most out of all marketing opportunities that prop up!

    Read on and find out more about the benefits of using this tool and how it works to send dollars straight to your account. Here are some of the best Instamate features that stand out:

1. Account Automation

    Your Instagram profile will go on autopilot and post viral and relevant content on a daily basis, giving you more opportunity to tap followers.

2. Easy Monetization

    Businesses cannot thrive on followers alone. This is why the Instamate Luxury Edition is fitted with call to action buttons, watermarks, and other tools that will help you optimize your content for profit.

3. Schedules Direct Posting

    Gone are the days when you would need a separate app to remind you when it is time to post your content online. This program will automatically do it for you, no matter what time you set it to.

4. Affiliate Cloaking

    This solution offers an effective way to grow followers and to monetize the right content. Using an affiliate marketing cloaker tool, Instamate empowers you to add affiliate links for easy one-click sales!

5. Set and Forget Feature

    You will be able to experience exemplary results without spending majority of your time online. All that you need to is to key in the keywords that you want to target, add the necessary hashtags, and you’re done! The program will do it all for you!

6. Payment-Free Ads

    Instagram offers a potent organic engagement range that is twice as powerful as that of Facebook. Even better, you will not need to pay for separate ads because Instamate will help you expand your organic reach at no added cost.

7. Video and Instagram Story Uploads

     You may now upload and repost videos straight from your computer. In addition to that, you can harness the power of Instagram’s biggest update, IG stories.

8. Efficient Account Management

    You would no longer need to leave the tool interface in order to delete photos, add comments, and edit captions. You can now do that – and so much more- in the new Instamate interface.

Why You Need Instamate Luxury Edition

    Investing on this solution is a great way to maximize your social media efforts without having to double up on the time that you need to spend manually posting photos and interacting with your consumers. With this purchase, you will be able to automate the basic Instagram marketing tasks, thus leaving you with more time to focus on the bigger tasks.

    It is also an easy-to-use tool that promises to reap great results and rewards, even for novice marketers. Gone are the days when you limited marketing and knowledge will serve as a challenge. With this amazing tool, you will be given ample opportunities to up your social media game even if you only know the basics.

    Most importantly, this tool offers various monetization features that you will love as an entrepreneur. In addition to growing your brand’s network, you will also be able to bring in the dollars!

Instant Success with Instamate

    Instamate Luxury Edition is set to launch in a short time and fans of the previous version is already clamoring for this next big social media solution. If you are an entrepreneur or a social media marketer who is looking for a better way to go about your Instagram marketing tasks, then keep an eye on this social media tool and sign up as soon as it comes out!